You may have read that top-quality storage facilities feature temperature and humidity control systems. However, do you know when you should opt for a climate-controlled facility? Keep reading for the benefits of using temperature-controlled storage units.

Benefits of Using Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Once you decide to rent a storage locker, you’ll want to choose one that fits your needs. After all, it doesn’t make sense to spend your hard-earned money renting a unit that doesn’t fully protect your belongings. In choosing a storage facility, we encourage you to opt for one that delivers the benefits of using temperature-controlled storage units.

Most high-quality facilities offer both regular and temperature-controlled units. The latter spaces maintain interior temperature and humidity levels within a specific range. Controlling the temperature and moisture levels within a storage space helps protect many of your more fragile items.

For example, temperature-controlled storage perks include:

  • Safeguard against extreme temperature variations
  • Superior air quality
  • Protection from mold and mildew
  • Deters pest infestation

When you invest in a storage unit with climate controls, you’ll have the assurance that your belongings are safe.

Of course, not every item requires the added care of a temperature-controlled unit. Let’s take a quick look at when it’s smart to pay for storage that features reliable temperature and humidity levels.

When You Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Let’s face it; there is a world of difference between storing a box of your child’s toys and safeguarding a box of treasured family photographs. Some of your belongings can survive just fine in a run-of-the-mill storage locker while others need a higher level of protection.

The surest way to ensure that your belongings stay in tip-top shape is to know when to upgrade to a climate-controlled unit.

The experts at recommend that you choose temperature-controlled services for an extensive array of your possessions. Examples of things that do best when protected from sub-zero and super-hot, humid conditions include the following:

  • Vinyl records
  • Photographs
  • Art
  • Fragile clothing
  • Antique furniture
  • Medication
  • Documents
  • Electronics

If you need to store a classic car, you can’t go wrong when you choose a storage unit that guarantees a stable climate. It’s also a smart plan to detail the vehicle and fill up the gas tank before placing it into storage.

Are you eager to experience the benefits of using temperature-controlled storage units? If so, read on for tips on what to look for in a Lane County storage facility.

Choose a Storage Facility

Do storage facilities seem to be popping up in nearly every neighborhood? With so many storage places to choose from, what are some things that signal a superior business? Fortunately, it’s possible to separate an excellent storage facility from a mediocre one.

5 Signs of a Quality Storage Facility

Below are five features displayed by the first-class managed storage units throughout the United States. We suggest that you visit several facilities in your area before signing a contract. Don’t be shy about asking questions.

No.1- Variety of Unit Types and Sizes

Depending on your needs, you might be more satisfied with a facility that offers a wide selection of units.

No.2- Temperature-Controlled Units

There’s a decent chance you’ll need a temperature-controlled storage unit. Make life easier by choosing a storage business that offers temperature-controlled units in a variety of sizes.

No.3- Security

It’s a depressing fact of life in the storage world that thieves desire the contents in many storage lockers. Do not even consider renting storage space from a business that offers shoddy security. For example, features like gated access, security cameras, unit alarms, and security guards are essential if you want to safeguard your cherished belongings.

No.4- Location

The location of your storage unit is vital if you think that you’ll visit it fairly often. If possible, look for a company within your community. You should strive to sign a contract with a storage company that operates in a safe neighborhood.

No.5- Price

There’s no denying that cost is an important consideration. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect premium service at bargain-basement prices. Instead, compare the total cost of storing your belongings at high-quality facilities in your area and rent from the one that best fits your overall needs.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, the benefits of temperature-controlled storage units protect your belongings from temperature and humidity extremes. Such storage units’ outstanding capabilities can safeguard even your most vulnerable items for many years into the future.

Armored Storage delivers select climate-controlled units for our Eugene, OR clients. Contact us today for details on the ways we can affordably meet your storage needs.