When you need to store items during a move, extended travel, or because you are not using the items, storage units effectively increase the square footage of your home. Private storage units are the perfect solution for storing keepsakes, unused furniture, tools, autos, and even home décor items, such as artwork and paintings. However, it is best to take extra caution when storing treasured paintings. Here’s a look at how to store paintings in your storage unit, so they remain protected while not in use.

Storing Art Safely: Stand Your Paintings Up

Paintings and canvas prints should be standing up in your storage unit. This will help prevent the canvas from sagging. In addition, standing your paintings up will ensure that you don’t create impression bars on the surface of the canvas. Likewise, if you’re dedicated to learning how to store paintings safely, plan to keep them vertical rather than horizontal. This will aid in reducing dust and debris accumulation on the front of the print.

How to Store Paintings Properly: Crate Them

It’s a great idea to store large pieces of canvas art in a crate. Wooden crates are durable, providing added protection to your paintings. If you are especially handy, you may choose to make a cardboard-lined wooden crate, customized to the specific size you need. If you’re not interested in building an art storage crate, ask your local art store owner for recommendations for a craftsman who can build an art crate.

Storing Paintings in Mirror Boxes

If you decide not to use a crate to hold your art while your paintings are in storage, mirror boxes are also a great option. You can buy mirror boxes at most moving and supply companies. These boxes typically consist of two parts, which fold into one another, provide a dual layer of protection.

Protect Paintings with Cloths

Drape a cloth, towel, or sheet over your paintings that are standing up before placing them in a crate or mirror box. This will help to keep dust, cobwebs, and debris from accumulating on the surface of your prints.

Store Art in a Sunless, Dry, Cool Storage Unit

High-quality storage units provide climate-controlled units that are essential for paintings. Climate control will protect art from dampness, direct sunlight, and humidity that can destroy art. When looking for a storage facility, be sure to find one that offers regulated, constant climate control. Incidentally, climate control will also serve as a deterrent for rodents.

Safe Painting Storage in Eugene

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