Congratulations on your upcoming move. Whether your soon-to-be address is across the country or another unit in the same apartment complex, moving is always exciting. Keep reading for some terrific packing tips to make sure your belongings stay safe while on the moving truck.

Why Packing Right Matters

Do you remember those days when packing for a move consisted of tossing your stuff into whatever boxes you could find? Well, that method may have worked when your stuff barely filled up a dorm room. Now, however, it’s crucial that the items you care about arrive safely to their new home.

The surest way to begin packing right is to reduce your possessions to those things that you want in your new home. Walk around each room in your current house and rehome everything that you no longer wish to keep. has a helpful assortment of ideas on how to eliminate no-longer-wanted items before you move.

Once you’ve whittled down your belongings, it’s time to get serious about packing. Those of us at Armored Storage assist people with their packing needs every day, and we’ve gained extensive experience. Here are five of our best packing tips.

5 Packing Tips

The first thing to remember when you want to do a decent packing job is that it’s a doable goal. Use the following packing tips to ensure that your upcoming move runs smoothly.

No.1- Take Time to Plan

No doubt planning a successful move takes time. Unless you love the unique kind of energy that comes along with last-minute chaos, do yourself a favor and begin working on your move well in advance.

No.2- Invest in Real Packing Boxes

Did you know there are containers specially designed to carry books? Indeed, there is a whole assortment of packing boxes to suit every moving need. Once you’ve figured out what types of packing containers will best hold your belongings, head to a moving supplies store.

We also suggest that you check out a variety of packing tape brands. Unsecured boxes during transport is a nightmare that you can avoid by choosing a high-quality tape.

No.3- Label Each Box Individually

Forget about those complicated numbers and color-coded packing systems. Trust us; you’re likely to forget the intricacies of a complicated labeling system by the time everything gets to your new place. Instead, label each box according to the room where it’ll end up at the new location.

Along with a clear label, it’s always a smart plan to inventory the contents of a box for sealing it. You can tape the inventory to the container and keep a photo of each content list on your smartphone.

No.4- Cushion Fragile Items

Does the thought of moving your old china set make you feel queasy? You can relax because, with a little extra care, it’s possible to transport fragile items safely. We suggest that you use cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper to help prevent breakage.

No.5- Consider Hiring a Pro

Consider hiring a professional mover to transport your household goods. It’s a brilliant idea to use a professional moving company if you have bulky furniture or a long-distance move. Moving company services range from a simple moving job to packing, transporting, and unpacking in your new home.

As with most businesses, there is a substantial variation in the quality of moving companies. Fortunately, top quality movers do share similar features. Look for things such as:

  • Insurance
  • Appropriate Licensing
  • Reputation
  • Range of Services
  • Binding Estimates

Don’t settle on a specific mover until you’ve had the chance to interview several highly recommended carriers. One thing to remember to ask about is what level of storage they offer if you must temporarily store your belongings. With plenty of moving companies in the marketplace, you don’t need to settle for one that makes your move more challenging.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, moving into a new home is never without at least a little stress. However, you can keep anxiety to a minimum when you plan the details of your move. Using our five packing tips helps to ensure that the material things that you love make it safely to your new home.

Sometimes you’ll need to place items into a storage facility during a move. Armored Storage offers superior residential storage services at our Lane County location. Contact us for information on how we can affordably meet your storage needs.