20 Storage Unit Sizes

Do you need extra storage space for your valued belongings? It doesn’t matter how much or how little you need to store; you can always count on Armored Storage. We provide a wide selection of storage unit sizes at affordable prices to our customers in Lane County.

Affordable Prices

We don’t believe that paying for a little extra storage space should stress your monthly budget. Our storage unit prices are very competitive in the area. Contact us for pricing details on a storage unit size that fits your needs.

Available Storage Unit Sizes

We offer 20 different storage unit sizes. Our unit sizes range from 5’ x 5’ to 11’ x 25’. With so many different options, you are sure to find one that meets your space needs and budget.

We recommend that you measure the total size of what you need to store to help figure out your storage space needs. Bring your estimated measurements with you when you visit, and we’ll help you to choose an affordable storage space that works for your needs.

Most Common Unit Sizes

many storage unit sizes at affordable pricing

5’ x 5’

Consider a 5’ x 5’ unit if your belongings will fit into an area the size of a closet.

many storage unit sizes at affordable pricing

5’ x 10’

A 5’ x 10’ space is perfect if you have enough stuff to fit into approximately 40 boxes.

storage unit size

10’ x 15’

Opt for a 10’ x 15’ storage unit if you need enough room for all of the furnishings in a small home.

many storage sizes at affordable pricing

10’ x 20’

This size is an excellent choice if you need to store the furnishings and appliances for a typical multi-bedroom home. Boat owners also find that a 10’ x 20’ unit happily houses their boat.

best storage sizes and prices

10’ x 25’

Do you need to store a large vehicle? The 10’ x 25’ easily handles the size needs of vacation campers, trucks, and boats.

large storage unit sizes

10’ x 30’

Do you need to store all of your household contents until you can move into your new home? Check out the 10’ x 30’ storage space.

20 Different Sizes Available – Call Us for Details

sizes and prices
Keep in mind that the exact measurements of individual storage spaces may differ. You may decide to rent a larger or smaller size unit once you have the chance to see the storage areas in person.
Armored Storage has the extra storage space to fit your lifestyle. Contact us today for help in choosing an affordable storage unit that fulfills all of your external storage needs.
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