Totaling 25 square feet, a 5×5 storage unit may be the perfect solution for storing your excess items. As one of the most popular storage unit sizes, it’s also highly affordable. Make no mistake, even though it is the smallest storage unit we offer, it can probably hold more than you think. Here’s a look at what you can fit in a 5×5 storage unit, and why it may be exactly what you need.

What Can a 5×5 Storage Unit Hold?

It may help to think of a 5×5 storage unit as being roughly the same size as a small walk-in closet. You not only have floor space, but you have stackable space. This size storage unit is typically ideal for storing items you want access to, but you don’t need frequently. Personal items that are commonly stored in a 5×5 unit include:

  • High-value items
  • Holiday decorations
  • Important paperwork
  • Seasonal clothing you won’t need for a few months
  • Seasonal lawn tools and equipment
  • Sporting equipment (bikes, skis, snowboards, surfboards, etc.)

Business items that are commonly stored in a small storage unit typically include:

  • File boxes
  • Filing cabinet
  • Important paperwork (manuals, agreements, tax info, etc.)
  • Small bookshelf

The Perfect Storage Unit for Students & Professors

A small but easy-to-access storage unit is particularly helpful for students and professors in Lane County. Whether you’re leaving for a semester or for the summer, a 5×5 storage unit can often hold all the items of a small bedroom. A small mattress, desk, chair, boxes, and dresser will fit in a storage unit during your absence.

With climate and pest control, plus state-of-the-art security, if you need to leave the area temporarily, this small unit is very cost-effective.

Only Pay for What You Need

Renting a small storage unit means you only pay for what you need. Plus, if you find that you need more storage, you can always upgrade. However, by selecting a small unit, you’ll only be paying for what you need. To determine what size unit you need, follow these tips:

  • Make a list of what you plan to store
  • Count the number of boxes, and note their size
  • Account for oddly shaped items, such as lamps
  • Contact the storage facility for guidance

If you determine that a 5×5 storage unit isn’t quite large enough for your needs, you can always upgrade to a 5×10 or larger. A 5×10 storage unit, for example, will hold a king-size mattress, couch, and large appliances such as a refrigerator.

Safe, Secure, Affordable Self Storage in Lane County

At Armored Storage in Eugene, our facility is safely located in an upscale residential area. We chose this location on purpose, as it provides greater safety than industrial or commercial areas.

We also have more than 50 surveillance cameras, a gated facility requiring intercom access, an alarm system for each storage unit, and on-site managers. Additionally, Armored Storage provides best-in-class climate and pest control to ensure the integrity of your stored items.

We invite you to visit Lane County’s best storage facility to view our units, security features, and meet our friendly staff. Contact us Monday-Saturday by calling (541)688-1301 or send us a message online to learn more about our personal and commercial storage opportunities.