Electronic items like smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, and laptops are often a significant investment. And that’s not even counting the often-invaluable data, photos, and records they store. Therefore, if you need to store your electronic devices temporarily, you need a storage unit facility that offers climate control. Climate controlled storage for preserving your electronics will ensure that your devices don’t fall victim to the elements. Here’s a look at why climate control is essential when you’re storing your electronic devices.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures with Climate-Controlled Storage

Protecting electronics means avoiding extremes in weather. Anyone who has mistakenly brought their iPhone to the pool or let it sit in a hot car can attest that they can and do overheat. Excessive heat can cause expedited internal reactions, which damages batteries in electronics. Heat can also damage screens on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Extreme heat can lead to degradation and cracks in devices as well. Finally, excessive heat can melt the glue that holds various components together in televisions, desktop computers, and other devices.

Likewise, bitterly cold temperatures can also damage electronic devices. Freezing temperatures can and do lead to cracked screens. In addition, hard drives can be damaged if lubricants used to keep everything moving properly cool too much, and thicken. This can ultimately lead to the loss of data, or problems rebooting or starting your device. If you’ve ever visited a company’s computer server room, you’ll recall that the rooms housing the servers are always kept cool, but not cold. That’s because moderate, dry climates are best for electronics. As such, to prevent damage from extreme heat or cold while storing electronics, be sure you rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

Avoid Humidity by Renting a Storage Unit with a Climate Control System

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air at a specific time. Electronics typically operate best when the humidity does not exceed 50%. Humidity levels over 50% can damage the components inside your computer, tablet, smartphone, television, etc. It can also lead to corrosion and rust that can affect the functionality of your device.

Indeed, just as extreme temperatures can harm electronics, too much moisture in the air can also lead to serious damage to your electronics. Since it is so damp in Oregon, you should only store electronics in climate-controlled storage units.

Best Storage for Safeguarding Electronics in Lane County

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