With many companies allowing employees to continue to work from home indefinitely, some business owners have found an abundance of unused business equipment and furniture taking up space in the office. Alternatively, if your brick-and-mortar shop seems a little cluttered, you may need to remove some of your inventory. Either way, if you’re looking to declutter your business, an accessible, secure storage unit is a great way to create more space. Read on for everything you need to know about business storage units for all types of organizations.

Restaurant & Hospitality

There’s no reason to house holiday décor or seasonal décor onsite at your dining or drinking establishment. Consider a small storage unit for the safekeeping of decorations, seasonal linens, or even kitchen equipment that you’re currently not using.

Clothing Boutiques

Business owners in the retail space can certainly create more simplified shops, by keeping mannequins, off-season clothing and shoes, along with display cabinets and storage units in a small to mid-size, pest-controlled storage unit.

Real Estate

Real estate agents don’t have to drive around with Open House signs, For Sale signs, or other marketing materials in their cars. A 5×5’ storage unit is as large as a closet and can keep their home, office, and car clutter-free.

Online & E-commerce

Why rent out a whole warehouse if you don’t need it? For e-commerce and online business owners, a storage unit can provide all the space you need. Additionally, you’ll get added security features, such as an onsite manager, perimeter fencing, and dozens of security cameras. 

Financial and Accounting Professionals

For paper-intensive businesses, offices all too often become overwhelmed with file boxes. To keep the mess to a minimum, relocate files that must be saved to a safe business storage unit that includes a fire alarm. 

Law Firms 

Law firms tend to accumulate a great deal of paper in file cabinets. To keep your law office looking neat and clean, keep vital documents you may need in-house and rent out a storage unit that can keep your other files safe, secure, and organized.

Construction & Contracting

Your building equipment and supplies are expensive and deserve to be stored in a secure facility when not in use. A large storage unit can hold even big pieces of equipment that need to be protected. 

Pharmaceutical Reps

Pharmaceutical reps who spend a lot of time on the road often wind up with unusable trunks or seats because marketing materials take up space. Instead of carrying boxes and bulky brochures with you all the time, store the bulk of them, and just take what you need with you when you’re heading to appointments. 

Other Services

Entertainment, IT, marketing, advertising, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses that typically have employees in offices may find that with working remotely, there are extra desks, file cabinets, computers, and printers. Putting those items in a business storage unit can keep all furniture and equipment safe until you need it again. 

The Most Secure Business Storage Units in Lane County

Located in a safe residential area in Eugene, Armored Storage offers the most secure business storage units in Lane County. Ranging in size from 5′ x 5′ to 10′ x 30′, our storage units all have an alarm. Our intercom-access storage campus is completely fenced, surveilled by 50 cameras, and monitored by an onsite manager in residence. Additionally, all units are climate-controlled and pest-controlled. As a locally owned and operated family business, Armored Storage provides business storage units to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more by calling 541.688.1301.