When deciding where to store belongings you don’t want or need in your home, you may have multiple options. Attics, basements, garages, or sheds may be sufficient for some items. But for items that are sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity, none of those options are ideal. Instead, you should begin your search for climate-controlled storage units near you. Climate-controlled storage units offer a variety of benefits you may be surprised to learn.

Protect Your Valuable Belongings from Extreme Temperatures

Items of value tend to be especially sensitive to changes in temperature. For example, electronic items such as smartphones are prone to overheating. The screens on tablets and laptops are also at risk of screen damage. Extremely elevated temperatures can also degrade the batteries powering your devices and may cause parts to crack. In hot environments, the adhesive used to hold your electronic devices together can even melt.

Extremely cold weather isn’t any better for your expensive electronics. Smartphone and tablet screens may crack in cold temperatures. Hard drives in desktop or laptop computers may also be damaged if left in cold temperatures for too long. 

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Protect Delicate Items from Humidity

Maintaining regulated water vapor in the air (humidity) is essential for storing your sentimental items, including antiques, keepsakes, photographs, and family heirlooms. Too much humidity can cause vintage books to develop mold or mildew. Delicate fabrics on furnishings and clothing can also develop mold. On the other hand, too little humidity can dry out wood and adhesives used to hold furnishings together. 

Photographs are also at risk of becoming warped or otherwise damaged in moist environments. Even childhood drawings, stuffed animals, building blocks, and books are at risk of damage from humidity that is too high or too low. To protect belongings that have sentimental value to you, it’s best to store these items in climate-controlled storage units.

Climate Control Affords Better Air Quality

One of the most unique benefits of climate-controlled storage units is that they tend to have better air quality. This is because climate-controlled units are sealed differently than units without climate control. Moreover, the climate-control system circulates the air constantly, leading to better indoor air quality. Good air quality is essential for maintaining documents, which is why the U.S. Department of Commerce maintains air quality criteria for the storage of paper-based archival records. 

Climate Control Leads to Less Dust

Because climate-controlled storage units are often indoors and use an HVAC system combined with a vapor barrier beneath the floor to regulate humidity, less debris and dirt from the outside gets in, resulting in less dust in these storage units. This keeps your items cleaner while in storage.

Climate & Humidity-Controlled Storage in Lane County

Armored Storage offers climate control, humidity control, and pest control in private storage units. Our storage facility is also the most secure public storage in Lane County, with more than 50 security cameras, security fencing, intercom access, and an onsite manager. If you’d like to learn more about storing your cherished belongings in a safe, accessible, convenient, climate-controlled storage unit, call 541-688-1301 or send us a message online.