When it comes to storing your possessions, ensuring security is essential. The reason is simple. If you’re storing your items, they clearly have value to you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t keep them. So, what makes a secure storage unit safe?

Onsite Security Cameras

Look for a secure storage unit that provides 24-hour monitoring via security cameras. Also known as CCTVs, the cameras should monitor any indoor areas, hallways, and the perimeter of the storage unit facility. The areas that are monitored via camera should also be well lit, with bright lighting. Digital surveillance will help deter theft.

Location of Storage Unit Facility

Many storage unit facilities are located near interstates and highways in industrial areas. However, you may want to find a storage facility that is in a less transient area. A storage facility that is in a less-trafficked area is likely to provide greater security, as fewer individuals pass through the area.

Individual Alarms for Each Storage Unit

To best secure your items, look for a storage facility that provides an alarm for each storage unit. This provides additional protection from theft. Alarms also notify the storage facility staff of any problems with any units, immediately.

Secure Storage Units Offer Controlled Access

When selecting a storage facility, notice the entrance. Is there a fence or gate? Do you have a remote to enter through a gate, or can anyone walk onto the property? A gated facility offers greater protection of your belongings.

Find a Storage Unit That Has an Onsite Manager

Is the facility staffed during the day? Is it staffed at night? When searching for the most secure storage unit for your items, look for a public storage facility that has an onsite manager. This will ensure that the facility can respond quickly to issues or emergencies.

A Secure Storage Unit Will Offer Climate Control and Pest Control

When choosing a secure storage unit, you’ll also want to be sure that the facility offers climate control and pest control. This helps to protect items from becoming too hot, too cold, or damp.

Additionally, you’ll want to invest in a storage facility with pest control. Pest control helps protect your items from rodents and other critters. For more tips on keeping your items safe from pests, view this blog.

Armored Storage Is Eugene’s Most Secure Self Storage Facility

Armored Storage was designed to be the most secure self-storage facility in Lane County. Located in an upscale residential neighborhood, rather than adjacent to the freeway, Armored Storage is gated, monitored by 50 security cameras, and has an onsite manager. With a variety of storage unit sizes to choose from, Armored Storage provides climate control, pest control, and individual alarms for each storage unit.

Providing our neighbors with a secure storage unit in a safe location at affordable rates is our goal at Armored Storage. Feel free to send us a message online or call at (541)688-1301 Monday-Saturday. We’d love for you to tour the most secure self-storage facility in Eugene!