When you need extra storage space, there’s no doubt you have options. If you’re fortunate to have a garage, then you already have extra storage onsite. If you have an attic or a basement, you may also be able to store your belongings there. Some apartment complexes offer rentable storage space. You may even have a shed that can be used for storage. Or you can always rent a storage unit. But which is best? Here’s a look at why indoor storage units are the way to go when you need to securely store your belongings.

Storage Units Provide Additional Security

Indoor storage units that offer security fencing, controlled access, video surveillance, onsite management, and alarms on each unit provide far greater security for your belongings than a garage or a shed. Storage units that are in a residential area with low traffic add even greater security and may keep your belongings safer than an apartment complex storage unit.

Some Indoor Storage Units Are Outfitted with Climate Control

High-quality indoor storage units will keep your items protected from the elements with climate control. While it is true that your garage or shed may keep your items safe from direct rain and snow, unless they are heated, they won’t protect them from cold temperatures, which can damage electronics. Likewise, your attic is undoubtedly not temperature controlled, and basements tend to retain moisture.

By contrast, climate-controlled storage units safeguard against all the weather we experience in the Willamette Valley. Moisture control reduces humidity, which can damage items such as antiques. Temperature control keeps your belongings from freezing or overheating

Storage Units with Climate Control May Have Better Air Quality

When you choose a storage unit that offers climate control, you get the added benefit of improved air quality. This is because the air is constantly being circulated. Unlike a shed or a garage without climate control, indoor units that boast humidity and temperature control will keep the air in your unit cleaner. This can be helpful when storing antiques, books, and other items prone to damage from the air.

Storage Units Offer Pest Control

Garages, sheds, and even attics and basements are safe havens for clever critters. Unless you are diligent about ensuring rodents don’t wind up in your garage, you may find your boxes have little nibble marks. In worst cases, pests can irreparably damage your art or furniture.

Likewise, it is hard to prevent all insects and bugs from entering your attic, basement, shed, or garage. With numerous types of destructive termites and moths in Oregon, you’ll be better off putting your belongings in indoor storage. Most units have pest control, rather than risking them in your attic, basement, garage, or shed.

Items Stay Cleaner in a Storage Unit

Try as you might to keep your belongings from getting dirty in your garage, chances are, you won’t be especially successful. Exhaust from vehicles accumulates on items in the garage. Likewise, dirt, dust, and debris enter when the garage door is opened. Compared to a secure storage unit space, your items will wind up getting much dirtier and dustier if you store them in a garage.

Secure Indoor Storage in the Willamette Valley

Located in a quiet, low-traffic residential area in Lane County, Armored Storage offers the most secure storage options in the Willamette Valley. As a family-owned and operated business, Armored Storage uses state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems. With a perimeter fence, controlled access, and multiple sizes of storage units to choose from, Armored Storage keeps your items safe and secure until you need them.

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