Storing valuable items such as artwork and jewelry deserves careful consideration. Chief among these considerations is the size of the items you need to store and the specific types of items you need to store. For many items, a private, secure, climate-controlled storage unit will provide all the protection and security you need. Here’s a brief overview of how to store artwork and jewelry in your storage unit.

How to Store Artwork: Canvas and Print Paintings

Canvas prints and paintings need to be standing up in your storage unit. Laying them flat can cause the canvas to sag. Laying artwork flat also creates a bed for dust and debris to collect. Worse, if you’re not careful, you may also accidentally stack something on top of it, leading to a tear. 

To protect prints and paintings, consider putting them in a wooden crate in your storage unit. You can create a snug, protective crate by lining a wood or plastic box with cardboard. If you happen to have a large box, such as a mirror box, or even the box your television came in, those may also be used to store artwork. You should drape a light cloth over the canvas before putting the paintings in the box or crate.

How to Store Sculptures

If you need to store sculptures in your storage unit, it is best to wipe down the pieces first, removing any dust. You should carefully pack all glass, stone, or ceramic sculptures in materials such as felt, foam, or cotton, and then place them in sturdy boxes or crates. Most experts advise against packing your valuable art in bubble wrap. It is also smart to place your packed sculptures on shelves in your storage unit so that you won’t drop any other items on them, and so you won’t stack anything else on them.

The Ideal Space for Storing Artwork

The experts have spoken and unanimously agree that climate and temperature should be top considerations when determining how to store artwork. Specifically, the storage space should offer

  • Temperatures between 68 degrees and 75 degrees
  • Humidity less than 50%
  • Low to no traffic
  • Pest-free areas

How to Store Jewelry in Your Storage Unit

When it comes to storing sentimental or valuable jewelry, you should make sure the jewelry is clean before you store it. Then, put the jewelry in a case or lined box to protect it while in storage. You should only store jewelry in a storage unit offering robust security, including an alarm on your unit. 

Just like artwork, jewelry is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. So, if you’re going to store jewelry in a storage unit, be sure that it offers humidity control, climate control, and pest control. 

Art and Jewelry Storage in Lane County 

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