Not all storage units are created equal. So if you need extra space for personal belongings or office business equipment, conduct due diligence before signing an agreement. Here is a checklist of security features to look for in a secure self storage facility.

Safe Location

When you arrive at a potential personal storage company to learn more or tour the property, take stock of how you feel at the facility. Is it in a safe area? Is there a lot of traffic going in and around? Is it just off the freeway? Be sure you find a storage unit in a location that feels safe

Restricted Access

When looking for a secure storage unit, note the process for entering the facility. Does it have a security fence? Does the campus leave a gate wide open, or do you need to have a code or key to gain access to the site? If you can access the storage facility unobstructed, continue your search for a more secure option.

Interior & Exterior Surveillance Cameras

When you begin your search for a secure self storage unit, one of the first features to look for is state-of-the-art surveillance. Look for security cameras that cover the exterior of the storage facility. Confirm that it also has interior security cameras. The most secure self storage facilities will have cameras strategically placed to monitor all storage units.

Bright Lighting

Bright lighting coupled with surveillance cameras serves as a deterrent to would-be thieves. Plan to tour a storage facility you’re considering before signing a rental agreement. Please take note of the lighting in the facility. Stay away from dimly lit facilities or those with no exterior lighting.

Alarms on Storage Units

The most secure self storage will offer alarms on every unit. Before you decide to rent a unit, ask about alarms. You’ll want to ensure that your prized keepsakes, valuable antiques, jewelry, or even classic cars are behind locked doors and fortified with an alarm.

Onsite Manager

Not all self storage companies provide an onsite manager. Finding a storage company that offers onsite, experienced management is best. Onsite personnel can take quick action in an emergency.

Climate & Humidity Control

The storage company should offer strict temperature and moisture control. Otherwise, your valuables, including electronics, antiques, furniture, clothing, paperwork, and more, are at risk of damage.

Pest Control

Pests, particularly rodents, can destroy your belongings. Confirm that the storage company provides pest control to ensure your belongings are protected while in storage.

Learn More About the Most Secure Self Storage in Lane County

Armored Storage provides the most secure storage units in Lane County. Storage units are available in 20 different sizes. Surveillance cameras monitor each unit. Alarms on storage units provide additional peace of mind. Located in an upscale residential area in Lane County, Armored Storage boasts a perimeter fence, onsite manager, climate, humidity, and pest control. To learn more or to schedule a tour of our campus, contact us today at 541-688-1301.