With housing, rent, and energy prices at historical highs and inflation putting a dent in wallets, saving money is a priority for most people. So now isn’t necessarily the time to add another monthly expense. Or is it?  As it turns out, renting a storage unit may give your personal bottom line a boost. Here are six surprising ways temporary storage can save you money.

Put Belongings in Storage While Waiting to Move

If you’re on the brink of moving, putting your belongings in temporary storage and opting to stay with a family or friend will save you money. For example, if your apartment lease is expiring, but you’re not moving into your new place for 30 days, you can save a month’s rent by putting items in storage.

Save on Utilities While In Between Homes

Much like you’ll save on rent by putting your belongings in short-term storage, you’ll also save on utility bills. Staying with a loved one and placing your items in a secure facility can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity, internet, and gas bills.

Downsize Your Home or Office for Significant Savings

Many homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to cut housing or office space costs to combat high prices. The easiest way to reduce your monthly mortgage or lease payment is to downsize into a smaller space and rent temporary storage. Savings of even a few hundred dollars per month adds up to thousands in savings each year.

Buy in Bulk 

A small, affordable storage unit can allow you to take advantage of buying household items in bulk, which reduces the cost per item. A 5’ x 5” storage unit offers as much space as a closet, allowing you to store paper towels, cleaning supplies, canned goods, and more.

Save on Boat Storage During the Winter

Both dry boat storage and indoor boat storage can be expensive. Renting a storage unit may save you on boat storage fees during the winter.

Store Expensive Items You May Need Later

Some items are worth storing. For example, suppose you think you may expand your family but need space taken up by cribs, strollers, diaper changing stations, etc. In that case, renting a temporary storage unit and keeping the items is likely the most cost-effective option.

Features To Look for When Renting a Storage Unit

Even though you’re only planning to store your items for a short period, you should confirm that the storage facility offers these security features:

  • Alarms on each storage unit
  • Bright lighting
  • Gated/fenced perimeter
  • Humidity control
  • Month-to-month lease agreements
  • Onsite manager
  • Pest control
  • Restricted access
  • Safe location
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Temperature control

When shopping for a storage unit for your belongings, be sure to ask each facility they offer all these features at no extra charge.

The Most Secure Temporary Storage in Lane County

Armored Storage is proud to be the most secure storage facility in Lane County. With more than 50 surveillance cameras, controlled access, and a perimeter fence, Armored Storage is in a quiet, low-traffic residential neighborhood. Each unit is climate-controlled and equipped with an alarm. We also have an onsite manager.  To learn more about storage unit rentals in Eugene, call 541.688.1301, or contact us online.