The past few years have seen prices rising and belts tightening. But storage is still a necessity. We all love a good deal but also want to ensure we get the best product possible. Storage units are no different. Even when pursuing an affordable storage option, there are considerations to consider. Finding affordable storage shouldn’t mean compromising quality and safety. So, what should be considered when choosing affordable storage?


First things first, security; It goes without saying, items kept in storage should stay in storage. It’s essential to look at the security measures taken by the storage facility. Look for cameras and quality locks and ask about in-person security. Some security measures with affordable storage may be less than ideal but should still be considered. Ultimately peace of mind is an integral part of the process. 


Accessibility to stored items should be factored in. Is there 24-hour access, or is it during set times? For more affordable storage options, there might be accessibility restrictions. For some people, not being able to access their items at all times can be worrisome, and as we discussed, peace of mind is an essential part of the process.

Affordable Storage Should Offer Size Options: 

It’s ideal to assess what you are storing and how much room it will take up. Selecting a suitable unit could save you money. Small units typically come at a lower price and go up from there. So keep that in mind when looking for an affordable place to store items, big or small.

Cleanliness is Key:

 We’ve covered safety on the outside, but what about safety on the inside? Make sure that whatever storage unit you select is clean, free of pests, and sealed well. There’s nothing worse than finding your items with damage from pests or water. If a storage unit is in an outside facility, ask the staff what safety measures they take to ensure things stay protected.

When to increase the budget:

Since you’re looking at this article, we know you’re a savvy saver and care about a budget. Sometimes, it’s worth it to up the budget to avoid making a replacement budget. In situations where you are storing valuables that have the potential to be damaged by fluctuating temperatures, we highly recommend looking for a climate-controlled storage option. This could not apply to your situation, and that’s a reasonable cost cutter! 

Insurance is a big help as well! As we said, you don’t want to make a replacement budget for your stored items. Take some of the strain off by inquiring about the facilities insurance policy. A good storage company will have insurance; even an affordable storage unit should come with insurance.

Sealing this Unit:

As you hunt for your affordable storage unit, remember the guidelines for picking yours. Being equipped with the right tools and equipment will ensure that your time and money are affordable. If you have any questions or want extra guidance in your storage journey, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!

The Most Affordable Storage in Lane County

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