Artificial Christmas trees are preferred by countless families for a variety of reasons. Some may like the convenience of being able to put up their tree at a moment’s notice. Others may prefer a pink, white, or silver artificial tree, which you definitely won’t find in nature. Others may find the perfect shape of artificial trees to be a key benefit. However, there is one notable downside to an artificial tree. You’ll need to have somewhere to safely store it, and you’ll need to store it carefully. Here are tips for Christmas tree storage after the holidays have passed.

Caring for Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Your artificial Christmas tree can be a significant investment, so you’ll want to care for it accordingly. Proper care will ensure that it can be reused year after year, rather than degrading quickly. From lightly dusting it while on display to ensuring you have adequate, appropriate Christmas tree storage space, you’ll want to care for your tree as you would other special furniture or accent pieces.

How to Store Your Christmas Tree 

To keep your Christmas tree safe, clean, and beautiful for the next season, follow these steps. 

  • Remove Ornaments, Topper, and Lights

Carefully remove the ornaments, topper, and lights (unless it is a pre-lit tree). Protect your ornaments by putting them in their original boxes, or wrapping them with newspaper or bubble wrap, and storing them in a larger box. Remove the lights and spend the time necessary to wrap them neatly and secure them with a zip tie or twist tie (next year you’ll be grateful you did).  

  • Dust the Branches

During the holiday season, your artificial tree branches are susceptible to dust just like any other item of furniture in your home. To keep it looking beautiful year after year, dust your tree branches, (a vacuum cleaner is helpful) or wipe them down with a damp cloth before bagging the tree.

  • Bag or Box the Tree 

Some people prefer to store their Christmas tree upright in a bag. However, you’ll need sufficient space, or a storage unit suitable for Christmas tree storage if you plan to store your tree upright. 

Others will choose to disassemble their artificial Christmas tree before storing it. Before taking it apart make sure that it is unplugged. If you’ve wiped down the branches, make sure they have dried before putting them in a box, or a bag.  

  • Store in a Cool, Dry Environment

One of the reasons so many people opt to store their artificial Christmas trees in a storage unit is because it offers climate control.  Artificial trees can melt if they are stored in a hot space. They can develop mold if stored in a damp space. If you don’t have a personal storage unit, be sure your basement, attic, or large closet is cool and dry all year round.

Storage Made Easy in Eugene

At Armored Storage, all our storage units are climate controlled, protecting your artificial Christmas tree and other holiday decorations from heat, cold, and humidity. Our storage facility boasts the most advanced security in Lane County, including a security gate, dozens of security cameras, onsite security, and alarms on each unit. To learn more about sizes and pricing, send us a message or call 541-688-1301.