Nearly 40% of Americans use a self-storage unit. Storage units are incredibly helpful if you’re traveling for an extended period. They can keep your items safe and secure when you’re in between homes. They also increase your home’s square footage, allowing you to declutter your living space. But with 20 different sizes of storage units available, how do you know what size is right for you? Use the following storage unit size guide to help you select the unit that can best accommodate your belongings.

Storage Unit Size Guide: What Can You Fit in the Smallest Units?

The smallest storage unit is typically a 5’x 5’ storage unit. That makes the unit about the size of a closet. This small unit might be best suited if you need to store seasonal items, such as holiday décor, small power tools, or seasonal sporting equipment. If you only have a few boxes of family memorabilia, sentimental items, or paperwork, a 5 x 5’ unit is likely all you need. The 25 square feet of storage offers a stacking capacity of 200 cubic feet.

The second smallest storage unit measures 5’ x 10’. For reference, this unit is approximately the size of a standard walk-in closet. It offers 50 square feet and 400 cubic feet of storage space. This unit can hold small furniture items and twin and queen mattresses. Most people find that this storage unit can hold the belongings of a single room. 

Medium-Sized Storage Units: What Will Fit?

Storage units measuring 5’ x 15’ and 10’ x 10’ are considered medium-sized units, and you can expect to store quite a lot in either one. A 5’ x 15’ storage unit will afford you an additional 75 square feet of space, totaling 600 cubic feet to stack your belongings. 

A 5’x 15’ storage unit may be able to accommodate the belongings of two rooms. Single people living in studio apartments, or small one-bedroom apartments are often able to fit all their belongings in a medium-sized storage unit.

Per the storage unit size guide, a 10’ x 10’ storage unit will give you an extra 100 square feet of space. You may pack and stack items to the ceiling to maximize its 800 cubic feet of space. Consider that many apartments are less than 800 square feet. According to our storage unit size guide, a 10’ x 10’ unit should hold the items of a standard apartment. items. However, it may be a tight fit. If you’re worried about space, select a slightly larger unit.

Large Storage Units: Biggest Storage Units Can Hold Virtually Anything

If you’re in between homes, and you’re moving from a mid-size home into another home, our storage unit size guide recommends opting for a large unit. Large units include 10’ x 20’ units and 10’ x 25’ units. These units offer an additional 200 and 250 square feet, respectively. You can even fit a vehicle in these large storage units. 

Extra Large Storage Units for Vehicles and Businesses 

For the storage of large vehicles such as boats, RVs, or the contents of a large home, extra-large storage units are available. Measuring a whopping 11’ x 25’ these storage units offer 275 square feet of additional space perfect for storing household items, or extra office furniture, including large conference tables, desks, and more. These units can also serve as a warehouse for your small business inventory. 

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