Americans have a space shortage, which is precisely why more than 1 in 10 households have a self-storage unit. Why do so many people rent personal storage? They need the extra space storage units provide. But are all extra space storage units created equal? No. With more than 50,000 facilities nationwide, storage facilities will range from very secure, to extremely exposed and from customer-oriented to lacking in service. So, before you place your items in storage, conduct due diligence on various facilities to select the most secure facility you can find. Read on to learn how to find a secure personal storage facility.

Where is the Storage Facility Located?

Many storage facilities offering extra space storage are located right off a freeway. Although this can make getting to the facility easy, access to an escape is also a draw for would-be burglars. Likewise, industrial areas are often home to storage facilities, which can be less secure than a facility located in a high-end, residential area with less traffic.  

Does the Storage Facility Have Good Online Reviews?

Online reviews can tell you a lot about how previous and current renters feel about the management at various storage facilities. Look for reviews that mention that renters feel safe, that the units are well-lit, and that they feel confident that their belongings are safe and secure.

What Type of Surveillance Does the Storage Facility Offer?

Security cameras are the bare minimum you should look for in extra space storage units. In addition to cameras, look for facilities that are secured by a perimeter fence, and only accessible to those with keycards. You should also ask if there is an onsite manager at the facility. 

Are The Extra Space Storage Units Equipped with an Alarm?

To keep your belongings safe while in storage, it is advisable to find a facility that provides alarms on each unit. Many storage units provide no alarm system at all, making it the responsibility of the renter to ensure that they use a good lock. For added protection, storage units equipped with alarms are a better option.

Does the Storage Campus Offer Climate Control?

Climate control may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the security of your belongings, but it should be a consideration. Climate control ensures that your wooden, paper, fabric, and electronic items are not only protected from extreme heat and extreme cold but that they are protected from humidity. Humidity can easily destroy precious family heirlooms, furniture, electronic devices, and more. To keep your items secure while in storage, be sure the facility offers climate control.

What Actions Are Taken to Prevent Pests?

Pests including bugs and rodents can destroy your belongings, including clothing, furniture, and priceless keepsakes. Before agreeing to rent a storage unit, inquire about the measures taken to keep the property free of pests.

Learn More About Eugene’s Most Secure Storage Units

Armored Storage offers the most secure self-storage units in Eugene. Surrounded by a controlled-access security fence, and monitored by more than 50 security cameras, our manager also resides at the facility. Storage units are available in 20 different sizes and equipped with alarms. To learn more, or to request a tour of our facility, send us a message or call 541-688-1301.