Public storage facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes to best suit the needs of individuals and commercial businesses. Although sizing may vary from facility to facility, at top-reviewed facilities, the smallest storage units typically measure 5’ x 5’, which offers storage space that is about the size of a closet (25 square feet). Since most storage units are approximately 8 feet tall, you can expect roughly 200 cubic feet within the smallest storage units at public storage facilities.

What Can You Fit in the Smallest Storage Units?

The smallest units can hold small pieces of furniture. A student desk, a desk chair, small filing cabinets, small shelving units, lamps, bookcases, and accent pieces can generally fit in the smallest storage units. Sofas and mattresses larger than full size will generally not fit easily in a 5’ x 5’ unit. 

However, the smallest units can be a perfect solution for storing items such as:

Holiday & Seasonal Décor

The smallest storage units may be perfect for storing holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, outdoor lights, gift boxes, holiday dishware, or drinkware. It can also be a wonderful place to hide gifts you don’t want loved ones to find.

Seasonal Lawn and Garden Tools 

Lawn and garden tools you only use for a few months out of the year can be stored in a 5’ x 5’ unit. In the winter, for example, you may store hoses, tree or shrub trimmers, garden pots, edgers, plant stands, or even inflatable pools or sprinklers. During the summer, you can use the smallest storage units to store leaf blowers, snow shovels, rakes, etc. 

Seasonal Sporting Goods

Sporting equipment that you only use during certain months of the year, doesn’t need to take up valuable space in your home. Skis, snowboards, mountain bikes, surfboards, skateboards, etc. can be safely stored in small units. 

Dorm Contents

A small storage unit is often ideal for students who live in dormitories and are going home for summer break. Rather than shipping all the belongings home, and then moving them again when classes resume, it is often easier to put small chairs, computer desks, bedding, etc., in a small storage unit.

Baby Clothes, Toys, Supplies

Even if you’re not planning to have more children, many people like to save their baby items for their child or to give them to others who may need them. The smallest storage units are a great option for storing old toys, strollers, playpens, books, and baby clothing. 

Paperwork or Small Business Office Supplies 

Paperwork that is otherwise cluttering up your home or office can be boxed, packed, and stacked in the smallest storage unit. Likewise, if you’re moving your business from your home to a commercial space, or vice versa, and have things like file cabinets, staplers, extra printers, computer towers, etc., they can often fit in a 5’ x 5’ storage unit. 

Excess Inventory for Small Businesses or E-Commerce Companies

Small businesses, home-based businesses, and e-commerce businesses that must maintain inventory can find that a small storage unit is essential to maintaining a healthy inventory without cluttering up your workspace. 

Most Secure Public Storage in Eugene: 20 Different Sizes 

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