People in America are short on space, as evidenced by the nearly 40% of people in the U.S. who use public storage. Although many people require temporary storage during an office or household move, others rely on long term storage to keep belongings safe indefinitely. So, what should you look for to ensure that your belongings will be safe? Here are five features to look for to ensure your long term storage items remain safe and secure.

1. Long Term Storage Facilities Should Offer Robust Surveillance

When considering your options for long term storage, make sure you inquire about surveillance features the facility offers. How many cameras do they use to surveil the facility? Is there a manager onsite? Is the facility gated or surrounded by a perimeter fence? Who can access the storage facility, and when? When searching for a safe storage facility for your treasured belongings, it is wise to inquire how they plan to safeguard your items.

2. Storage Facility Should Offer Temperature and Humidity Control

Many storage facilities offer temperature control to ensure that stored items are not exposed to excessive heat or excessively cold temperatures. After all, extreme heat is known to damage electronics, vinyl records, art, photographs, and much more. Likewise, extremely cold temperatures can damage antiques, leather items, electronics, musical instruments, and more. But the worst offender of all is often humidity. Humidity can warp, melt, rust, and destroy your most cherished items. So, whether you need short term or long term storage, you should only place your belongings in a facility with humidity control. 

3. The Facility Should Be in a Safe Neighborhood

Many storage facilities are in industrial or highway-adjacent locations. While the latter may offer convenience, the former may attract potential thieves who take advantage of the highly trafficked location. A storage facility in a low-traffic area not immediately accessible from the freeway can offer greater deterrence to potential burglars.  

4. The Storage Company Should Provide Pest Control

Pests can cause irreparable damage to your belongings, so it’s best to inquire about a facility’s pest control measures before signing a rental agreement. Insects and rodents can both destroy your items, even if they are placed in boxes. Look for a storage facility that prohibits the storing of perishable foods and employs a pest control strategy. 

5. Look for Storage Units that Come Equipped with an Alarm

For the best protection of your belongings while in public storage, it’s best to find a fenced facility with plenty of cameras. But, for an additional layer of security, look for a storage unit that comes equipped with its own alarm that notifies the facility management of any breach in a unit. 

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