If you need to store your personal items, it’s only natural to wonder about storage unit cost. Today, with most Americans expressing concern about their debt and expenses, people need to watch their spending carefully.  So, what should you expect to pay for a storage unit, and why should you pay that amount? Read on to learn more about what goes into determining storage unit cost. 

Factors that Determine Storage Unit Cost

Not all storage units are created equal. They are available in various sizes and at various types of facilities. Indeed, there are many factors that impact the cost of renting a storage unit.


Storage unit cost will be determined in part by the size of the unit you decide to rent. Some storage facilities may have up to 20 different sizes of units. A larger storage unit that can hold a vehicle, or the entire contents of a home for example, will cost more than a 5’ x 5’ storage unit that is comparable to a large closet.

Length of Rental

If you sign a longer-term rental agreement, you may find the storage unit cost decreases, due to long-term discounts that may be available. This is not always the case, but long-term renters sometimes get discounts that lower the monthly rate.

Type of Storage Unit

The type of storage unit you choose for your belongings can also impact the price. A well-lit, interior storage unit may cost more than an outdoor cargo container unit. 

Facility Features

The cost of a storage unit will be impacted by the abundance, or conversely, lack of security, personnel, and other features of the facility. Facilities that have invested in robust theft prevention, including dozens of surveillance cameras, onsite management, perimeter fencing, and alarms on each unit, may charge more for their units than a facility that does not offer the same high-level security features.

Storage Facility Location

The location of the storage facility may also factor into the cost for renters. A facility in a nicer area of town may cost more than a facility in a more industrial area of town.  

Renter Protections

Not all public storage facilities offer the same level of weather and pest protection for your belongings. For example, some facilities may offer temperature control, but not humidity control.  Some facilities may offer robust pest protection, whereas others do not.  

In addition, the purchase of optional, supplemental storage insurance, available at some storage facilities can impact your monthly rental rate.

Shop Around for the Best Storage Facility for Your Money

The best way to get timely, accurate information on how much you will pay for public storage is to shop around.  Read reviews, ask about additional fees or expenses, and tour the facilities before making your decision. A slightly more expensive unit may offer greater convenience, safety, and security that make a small difference in price worth it. 


The Most Secure, Yet Affordable Public Storage in Eugene

At Armored Storage, we are proud to boast the most secure storage facilities in Eugene.  With more than 50 security cameras, intercom access, and pest, temperature, and humidity control, our manager even lives onsite.  We are in an upscale, lightly trafficked residential neighborhood.  To get a quote for a storage unit rental, send us a message or call 541-688-1301